energizers / power breaks

energizers with playful activities, interaction, activity & laughter for meetings, events, conferences

energizers / power breaks

games, activity and laughter for meetings, events, conferences

Team development

Strengthen strengths | unleashing potentials


employee satisfaction | New work | Talent management

Laughter yoga - Laughter wellness

laughter – a cheerful mood – fresh energy

Training – Consulting – Inspiring Workshops

Training and advice for motivated, high performing teams.
Energizers – power breaks inspiring workshops

energizers / power breaks

activation, interaction, games and laughter for fresh energy at meetings, events and conferences. 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

strengths based team development

Identify and build upon the strengths of the team members. reinvigorating joy at work, promoting the team cohesion and team spirit, improving the team performance. 1 or 2 day workshops

Attract and retain employees

advice and counselling: team culture, work culture, talent acquisition, employee satisfaction

laughter wellness & laughter yoga

Laughter exercises, warmup elements, breathing exercises, relaxation. reducing stress hormones – releasing endorphins. sessions from 1 to 4 hours

Creativity booster

Promote creativity and innovation with elements like games, improv exercises and a lot of laughter. A 2-or 4-hours workshop – an ideal starting point for a management meeting, DesignThinking or scrum workshop or an brainstorming workshop.

uplifting workshops

uplifting workshops: zest for life; energize your life

Customers (excerpt)


In my newsletter I’m writing about about improvisation, play and laughter and their positive impact on a positive corporate culture.

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