Joy and stress relief
through relaxation, laughter, improvisation and play.

Energizers / Power Breaks

activation, interaction, games and laughter for fresh energy at meetings, events and conferences. 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

Happy Team Day

A Happy Team day for teams of 6-15 people. To strengthen strengths, have fun with experiential learning games, improvisation and energizers.


Interactive speeches on the topics of joy, laughter, stress relief and energy

Laughter Wellness & Laughter Yoga

Laughter exercises, warmup elements, breathing exercises, relaxation. reducing stress hormones – releasing endorphins. sessions from 1 to 4 hours

Creativity Booster

Promote creativity and innovation with elements like games, improv exercises and a lot of laughter. A 3 hours workshop – an ideal starting point for a management meeting, DesignThinking or scrum workshop or an brainstorming workshop.

Uplifting workshops

uplifting workshops: zest for life; energize your life

Customers (excerpt)


In my newsletter (in German) I’m writing about about improvisation, play and laughter and their positive contribution to a positive corporate culture.