Inspire employees | New work | Happiness at work

New work. Inspiring your team through appreciation,
empowerment, tasks according to individual strengths.

Inspire employees

Today, companies are increasingly competing for good talents. Good talents want to be wooed.

The digitisation has also changed the recruiting in recent Years. It is important to be visible in relevant channels with modern, target-group Content.

Questions are:
How do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the market?
Why is it worth working for our company?

What is our employer value proposition?


New work. Happiness at work.

Today employees want a good work-life balance, Home Office offers, time-out offers, flexible working hours as well as meaningful activities and exciting tasks.

What is are the different tasks assigned in the team? Do we have a modern and flat organisation? Do we empower people?
Is our organisation agile?

What is our leadership style? The generation Y is increasingly calling for leadership through mentoring, coaching and trust-based leadership rather than ongoing, tight control.

From know-how to know-why. Why do we go to work every day? Why is it meaningful to work for this company?

The more a company is asking these questions, the easier it becomes to hire new coworkers.

My offer:

I am happy to advise you on these topics with analyses, concepts, workshops and implementation support.