Creativity booster

The power of play, improv and fun

The need to play is deeply rooted in us.
Only we adults don’t allow ourselves to continue to play.
If we give ourselves the permission to play, it can unlock enormous potentials of creativity.

Power of Play
The properties of play (according to Dr. Stuart Brown,» play»):

  • It is apparently purposeloess and done for its own sake
  • It happens voluntarily
  • It has an inherent attraction
  • We loose the sense of the passage of time
  • You are present/in the flow
  • Improvisation is part of it
  • The desire to keep going
  • is of vital importance to our growth
  • fosters the social bond
  • Promotes creativity and innovation
  • Is anchored biologically-evolutionary. In the animal world, play improves the chances of survival.

My offer
In a Creativity Booster workshop I combine games/exercises from the applied improvisation (warm-up exercises, powerpoint-karaoke, exercises which activate the left and right brain hemispheres, indoor (and possibly also outdoor)-activities, creativity tasks with different materials – everything is a lot of fun. The participants have a good time and they are more open to generate new ideas.

Such a play-workshop is very well suited to loosen up executives meetings or change management workshops or to loosen up design thinking/scrum/agile workshops in order to promote creativity/innovation but also to ease and enjoy the process.

Duration: 2 to 4 hours (maybe longer).

Do you have any questions? I will be happy to answer any question you might have. Just call me.

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