energizers / power breaks

Fresh energy for meetings/events/conferences

Are you planning a management meeting, a conference, or a team meeting?
How about a session of 15-30 minutes at your next event to lift the spirits and the energy of your participants?

Activation and fresh energy

At seminars, conferences, workshops or congresses, I support you in making the participants feel vitalised between many lectures and to “boost” them with fresh, new energy.

The sessions take 15-30 minutes (depending on your needs) and include elements of laughter wellness (breathing and laughter exercises), power music and movement as well as playful interaction between participants.

Participants feel energized and are ready for the next task or lecture.

Energizers can also be facilitated as power breaks at work

The trend to offer employees opportunities to activate body and mind is being undertaken by an increasing number of companies, including large corporations as part of corporate health activities. Whether dancing, yoga, jogging or back gymnastics – many offers are now used as a possible contrast program and alternative to the usual lunch break.

Laurenz Menzinger has already successfully performed such units at well-known companies, events and corporate events:

“I was thrilled to see with how much positive energy and cheerfulness my employees came out of this session and how joyous they went into the next customer contacts,” explains Judith witte, branch manager of Galeria Kaufhof in Frankfurt, explaining her experience of a session in which she participated with her employees.

Cornelia Comitini, Managing Director of Digital Dialog GmbH, also confirms: “the 30-minutes session was a complete success and I received only positive feedback. Some employees reported a long-lasting positive effect. “