promote individual strengths | create connection | inspire enthusiasm

Spend a day with your team with a lot of good humor, to strengthen your strengths, with laughter, games and fun. Ideally offsite in a hotel/seminar room or alternatively in your office.

Happy Team Day


A Happy Team Day is about having a lot of fun with the entire team. Uncover talents and strengths within the team, get to know each other better in new ways, try improvisational exercises and experience-based team games.
In addition, several sessions with activation exercises, games, laughter exercises (laughter yoga), music and movement provide a lot of fun and loosening, so that the day goes by like a flash.


Ideally, you book a seminar room / hotel for your team. Catering outside the office/company (e.g. in a seminar hotel) in order to guarantee new perspectives.
I then create the Happy Team day for your team. As far as the weather allows, individual exercises can also take place outdoors.

Strengthen strengths

What gives us an enormous amount of strength is positive recognition, appreciation and an activity in which we can contribute our strengths optimally. To this end, we do various exercises, in which we get to know the talents and resources of the individual team members better in exchange and everyone in dialogue with other team members also talks about their strengths and talents.



Energizers, improvisation, experience-oriented team games.

Between individual exercises there are always short energy sessions for good mood, activation, movement.

In an improv practice session, we playfully practice slipping into other roles, we say »yes, and …«, we practice associating, being present while also having a lot of fun.

Experiential learning and games form another building block of this day. It’s about creative thinking, cooperation, playful trying.

Laughter, games, appreciation – all of this creates and promotes a good connection.

Happy Team Day was a lot of fun for us. We discovered whole new talents in the team. Thank you for the beautiful day. I highly recommend this team day.

David Steel

Managing Director, steelecht GmbH

Key parameters for a booking

Duration: usually about 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (other times can be agreed upon as well)

Team size: From 7 to 15 people (larger groups on request)

Venue and catering: Variant A: You organize a room and catering yourself or variant B: We take over the entire organization for you.

Design of the day: I create an eventful beautiful day for your team with joy, cheerfulness and the strengthening of the talents within your team.

Fee: upon request