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Impulses for more joy of life and energy | Energize your life

understand about your energy drainers and energy gainers
revive your joy of life, get an idea about your vocation,
the power of respiration and meditation. Various workshop offers.

Workshop: Impulses for more joy of life and energy
Revive your joy of life, recognize energy drainers and energy sources, experience meditation and breathing exercises as a source of rest and power.
Laughter and play are activities that are associated with joy of life. In this workshop you will experience these elements next to other elements such as breathing exercises, a meditation and a creative exercise in which you create a vision board of your joy of life. In addition, we try to find out what gives us energy and what drains our energy and to work out how we can bring more energy and joy into our professional and personal everyday life.

  • Introduction to the this day and topic
  • Energy sources, energy drainers, own resources – dealing with personal and professional issues
  • Meditation and breathing exercises
  • Creating a zest for life-collage
  • Experience the joy of life: laughter yoga with laughter, breathing, playing and relaxation

Duration: 1 day, inhouse

Workshop »energize your life «

Awakening you joy of life, getting an idea about your vocation, unleashing potentials.

This two-day workshop is about stimulating and awakening the joy of life with laughter yoga, movement and respiration.
In addition, we work on our genius/vocation; get aware of our energy drainers and energy sources, practice gratitude and let go of grudges Exercises and games from improvisation promote creativity, flexibility and expression. A powerful breathing meditation as well as a collage, in which we visualize our ideas, sources of power and our wishes, round off the Two-day workshop.
Elements on these two days are:
– Energizer sessions
– Findings from the research of happiness
– Working on your “genius”
– become more aware of your own resources
– Identify energy drainers, energy sources
– Meditations
– Practicing gatitude
– Breathing meditation
– release the past
– working with meaning and purpose
– Exercices from improvisation
– Creating a zest for life collage
Duration: 2 days (open workshop or In-house)